Alpha and Omega Biscuit {Fast Food Hack}

So, I know it has been awhile without post. Been kinda crazy at work and when I come home I don’t feel like posting. Sorry all! I will try to post daily from now on.

You’re probably wondering “What is with that title?“. It’s my favorite fast food biscuit! It can be done with anyone who offers what it is made of. Some of you probably think I am being “not christian like” by naming my favorite biscuit “Alpha and Omega Biscuit“, but I truly mean beginning and end!

Alpha and Omega Biscuit

The Alpha and Omega Biscuit is something I came up with probably years ago. I can’t never find something like this on the menu so I’m calling it a Fast Food Hack. If you know where something like this is let me know 😉 I want it!

Most places you can request to make this for you, but I wouldn’t call it the “Alpha and Omega Biscuit” they may look at you odd. Here is what it is made off:

  • 1 Biscuit
  • 1 Fried Egg
  • 1 Slice of Cheese
  • 1 Fillet of Fried Chicken

The Beginning is the egg and the End is the chicken 🙂 Funny name but delicious taste! I highly recommend not getting this a fast food restaurant that has super greasy biscuits.

Just a quick Fast Food Hack/Tip to brighten your morning tomorrow 🙂



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