My Etsy Friends {Diane from Weave Tassy} – Late due to sickness

Hi everyone! I hope you have all been well. Yesterday I was in so much pain that I couldn’t hardly get out of bed. Because of this I was unable to post my weekly post “My Etsy Friends” and feature my friend Diane. So, I will be featuring her for 2 weeks due to this.

Honestly though, this is one of the coolest shops I’ve seen. So I believe I can make two unique post for you lovely birdies! I love their homemade jewelry and beautiful colors!

My etsy friends banner

Weave Tassy is a colorful, fun, and creative place to be! They have all handmade jewelry that is sure to please!

Weave Tassy’s Banner

In their About Page the use this slogan “SPREAD THE ART, SPREAD THE LOVE“. This saying is true when it comes the this shop. The art within each item is impeccable and the love I have for it is HUGE!

Made with loving hands…

Each piece is made by hand and made with care. Colors are so fun and will go with any outfit.

Weave Tassy is based out of the Philippines and ship around the world. Each piece comes in a beautiful box with their logo as seen below. It just to adds the handcrafted touch you love to see from Etsy Sellers!

Packaging is so lovely

As I said before this post is late and because of that I will be featuring Weave Tassy for another week! Come back next week on the normal day, Wednesday, for a Top Ten list of my favorite items from Weave Tassy!

Thank you all for your love and support. Please give Weave Tassy and Diane some love on her shop!



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