About Pretty Bird

I’m Leslie aka Pretty Bird


Jordan to the Left, Myself to the Right

The name “Pretty Bird” came from my amazing fiancé who always calls me that. Yes, that’s right, I’m ENGAGED! I’m so happy too. I am promised to an amazing young man by the name of Jordan. He means so much to me and supports me in everything I do.

“Pretty Bird” is sadly not an original pet name. We adopted it from a very popular comic book character. This blog however, is very original. I hope to be able to show you my everyday thoughts, finds and crafts! I truly am a bird just flying through life. I literally go where the wind takes me.

The wind (life) has brought me to Lynchburg, VA where I am currently studying at Liberty University. I am studying to be a Children’s Minister with a major in Women’s Leadership and a minor in Family and Child Development. You’ll hopefully be able to see my love for children in this blog and I will be sharing some of my favorite crafts and things to do with your kids in ministry or at home!

I can’t wait to share life with you and hopefully do life with you! I’m so grateful that you chose to stop by my little birdhouse and please feel free to stay awhile! We have coffee! Okay, not really but you can make some 🙂



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