Spring Break Blues


So today I returned from Spring Break. As I sit here waiting for my 6:30-9 pm class I find myself kinda down. I miss my family and wish it could have been longer. I don’t miss Monday’s where I’m at school from 8:30 am-9pm. I just have the Spring Break Blues… I’m also encouraged by the face that in a few years I’ll be done with the Spring Break Blues, long Monday’s, and school in general. In a few years I’ll be diving head first into ministry and directly into ministry with children. 

I just want to go now, but God has called me to this time and I need to find strength and patience in that. 

Find strength in this verse if you are struggling with God’s timing. 

God bless,



Are we really free?

Are we really free?

Since recent events in my country (United States of America) have happened, I have found myself wondering “Does America Really know Freedom“?

Freedom is never free…

Often we say “Freedom is never free“. Have you ever thought about true freedom? True freedom isn’t free. Freedom came at a price. Freedom in America often comes at the price of lives. According to Military Factory there was 683,000 deaths of American Soldiers by the time the first 100 years of America had came to pass. Many of these men fought for the freedom of the states and died for our freedom today.

Now, have you ever thought that one man has also died for your freedom, your true freedom.

One Man, One Cross

It took one man and one cross for you to have freedom; freedom to roam, freedom live, freedom from death, and freedom from hell. One man payed the ultimate price for you to be free.

That man is Jesus Christ.

Jesus payed it all. All to him I owe.” Some of the most beautiful hymn words ever sang. Jesus payed the price for ever sin so you could be free. His spirit lives in you, the Holy Spirit, so you can show the world the true freedom. 

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, There is Freedom” – 2 Corinthians 3:17b NIV

Freedom is found in Him. Jesus our Lord is true freedom. So, are you really free? Do you have Christ Jesus in your life? Do you want Him in your life? Find out how you can receive Christ as your Savior and find true freedom in Him here.

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